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Geisleralm Geisleralm  
Geisleralm - Villnöss
mobile (+39) 339 604 46 85
phone/fax (+39) 0472 840 506

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Adventure Day to the Geisleralm - Trail: Zans - Geisleralm

Erlebniswanderung Geisleralm Villnoess

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An unforgettable natur day on the Alps Villnöss

The most-beautiful way to our high-altitude meadow is from the Zanser Alm, to the left along the old Hay Trail Nr. 6 to St. Zenon. Then, continue to the right until you reach the well-known Adolf-Munkel Trail and proceed to the fork leading to the Geisler Alm, then proceed on nr. 35B to Geisleralm.
The entire route is completely free of cars and walking on the Villnösser Alm purifies mind and soul!
Walking time: approx. 1.5 h.

At the alpine hut Geisleralm you can enjoy in addition to our traditional and alpine culinary creatons, the Dolomites panorama, the Geisler-Peaks are within reach: this is the so-called Geisler-Cinema! Relay in nature and let your mind run free - the promise of our hiking adventure!

Return passing Dusleralm to Zanser Alm, Nr. 34B

Try it!

Adolf Munkel Trail from Ranui to the GeisleralmAdolf Munkel Trail

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Estimated hiking time: approx. 5 hours
DESCRIPTION: A classic high-altitude promenade in front of the north precipices of the Geisler Peaks. A hike for everybody: Well-marked trails, hardly any narrow passages, but with the steep, up to 800-meter-high north precipices of the Geisler Peaks constantly in view – especially beautiful in the late afternoon, starting from the Geisler high-altitude meadow.
STARTING POINT: The Ranui parking lot, which can also be reached via the regular bus from Brixen (Bressanone) / Klausen (Chiusa) – St. Peter – Ranui.
ASCENT: Begin on the Bergstrasse ("Forest Road"), via the Brogles Brook, then proceed parallel to the Villnösser Brook towards the valley floor. Continue in two loops up to a forest slope which rises slowly to the Zanser Alm (1,680 meters above sea-level). Via the street bridge, and past the Sass Rigais Hotel (1,689 m), continue on trail 32 to the St. Zenon Brook. Below St. Zenon, you will come to the Adolf Munkel Trail. It runs along the edge of the forest to the west, crossing several ridges. Mighty stone pines and fields of Alpine roses line the promenade, which is quite popular especially in the summer. The views of the north face of Furchetta, Sass Rigais (3,025 m), and the Fermeda Towers are fascinating. Behind the marked branch trail to the Geisler Alm, the path descends to the Weissbrunn Spring (1,825 m), where a short cut to the Valley of the Brogles Brook can be found to the right. But it is by all means worthwhile to continue on the Adolf Munkel Trail to the Geisler Alm insofar as the panoramic view from this high-altitude plateau just shouldn't be missed.
DESCENT: From the popular rest-stop on the Adolf Munkel Trail back to the marked fork in the path (1,899 m) Weissbrunn in the Brogles Forest: Take the right-hand path leading to the valley floor and on a forest slope out to the Ranui parking lot.

Shorter trail: Reach Zanseralm by car or by shuttle bus, hiking to the Geisleralm as description. Return to Zanseralm on trail n. 43B passing at the Dusleralm. Time: ca. 3 hours.


Gröden/Val Gardena - Raschötz/Rasciesa – Villnöss/Val di Funes

>> map

Estimated hiking time: approx. 2.5 –3 h
DESCRIPTION: A very pleasant hike offering a wonderful panoramic view and an easily-followed path.
STARTING POINT: St. Ulrich in Gröden / Val Gardena.
ASCENT: Take the new Raschötz train to the Raschötz Alm (high-altitude meadow). Once there, proceed along the pleasant High Raschötzer Trail (35). You will pass by the Brogles Alm. Continue to the Gschnagenhart Alm and cross it: Now you have reached us at the Geisler Alm.
DESCENT: Proceed along the Bergstrasse no. 34B until you reach the Zanser Alm or the Ranui parking lot.
Our Tip: Take the shuttle bus from Villnöss / Val di Funes to Gröden / Val Gardena – every Wednesday (it is necessary that you arrange this in advance with the Tourist Agency, phone: 0472 840 180).


Würzjoch (Passo delle Erbe) – Schlüter Hut - Villnöss (Val di Funes)

>> map

Estimated hiking time: approx. 5 h
DESCRIPTION: Wonderful, breath-taking panorama with unparalleled views into three valleys.
STARTING POINT: At the Würzjoch / Passo delle Erbe.
ASCENT: From the Würzjoch parking lot, proceed to the Kompatsch Meadows on Trail no. 8. Continue to the Peitlerscharte Gap / Forcela de Putia and on to the Schlüter Hut. Follow Trail no. 33 to the Gampen Alm, then towards St. Zenon, and from there take Adolf-Munkel Trail no. 35 to the fork at Kuhsteig / Geisler Alm.
DESCENT: We recommend taking Trail no. 34B to the Dusler Alm until you come to Zans. There, you can take the regularly scheduled bus or a taxi back to the village of Villnöss.


Hiking Tours in our surroundings

Sass de Putia (Peitlerkofel- 2874 m):

From the Genova refuge (Schlüterhütte) go up towards the East to Passo Croce (Kreuzkofel - 2340 m), on path 4 turn left after the steep grassy slopes, then to the North-east, where the land is almost flat up to the Peitlerscharte fork (2357 m); the path is marked, you can’t make mistakes, it winds off in many directions along the slopes that lead southwards, and finally, above the rocks (safe) up to the peak.

Height difference (from the Schlüter refuge): 573 m, no more than 2 hours, quite safe, for a trained and quite confident walker, not challenging, highly recommended.


“Latzfonser Kreuz” (Lazfons Cross) (2300 m):

North-west above Lazfons along the mountain ridge of the massif of the S. Cassiano peak there is a pilgrims’ church with a refuge nearby which is open in the summer (Latzfonser-Kreuz-Hospiz). Splendid view.

From Chiusa refuge (Klausner Hütte) along path 1/17 towards the West and up to the sepulchre, then left (still 1/17) above the slope towards the church and the refuge.

Height difference: 381 m, 1 hour, easy and strongly recommended.


Malga Fane (1739 m):

A very picturesque village with a little church, numerous wooden huts and two places to park in a large depression of the Alta Valle di Valles. Up to the vicinity of the Malga di Valles, along a narrow road, which is closed during the day, from 10 am to 5 pm.

From Valles, still along the little road marked that leads to the valley, then a couple of hairpin bends, which can sometimes be bypassed up to the car park at the so-called “Ochsensprung” (Ox jump), finally you reach the Malga.

Height difference: 385 m, 1 hour, easy and recommended due to the beauty of the landscape.



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