Tracks in the snow & climbing the peaks – Pure pleasure

After a hectic week at work, what could be more relaxing than enjoying infinitely open spaces, snow-clad altitudes and solitary peaks? Val di Funes offers thrilling ascents for ski-mountaineering enthusiasts in sparkling white and untouched landscapes. The effort of the climb is well worth the amazing view from the peak. Sport and leisure time are the key ingredients of ski-mountaineering, although every pundit of this sport knows that the true reward is the descent when they will slide on their skis effortlessly and silently down the slopes that sparkle in the sun.

Here are several suggestions by the Valle Isarco tourist board for the practice of ski-mountaineering in Val di Funes.

If while you are spending time on your skis in Funes you arrive at Malga Geisler, be sure to stop by to enjoy our warm and welcoming lounges and the courtesy of our staff that is ready to satisfy any request, like a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a refreshing beer, a dessert for a sweet break, a hearty plate of pasta or maybe a light but tasty salad … our varied and enticing menu is ready to please any palate.

Ski-mountaineering in Val di Funes in the Dolomites - South Tyrol