Transalp passing by Malga Geisler – We are just steps from the route of the Transalp tour!

The original Transalp route passes directly in front of Malga Geisler. The Adolf-Munkel trail is currently closed to cyclists which means that the bumpy track that leads to the Brogles mountain hut today can be travelled only by pushing the bike by hand (1.5 km). The Bike Transalp route anyhow remains a unique experience for all MTB enthusiasts – For more info, check the website:

Mountain bike tours in the environs of Malga Geisler

The ‘Alp of Funes’ is ideal for mountain bike touring. The enchanting Alpine scenery, that fantastic landscapes, the many trails and forest roads are the ideal setting for cyclists. There is a rich choice of tour itineraries that lead to our hut on mountain or electric bikes. Here are our suggestions for starting from Santa Maddalena/Funes.

The starting point is the parking lot in Ranui or the small parking lot along the main road/crossroads for S. Giovanni (bus stop on the bend to the right):

  • Continue straight to the right from the starting point along the Funes stream, pass the Ranuimüllerhof Hotel on to the Waldschenke restaurant. To the left of the restaurant, follow the indications for the “Parco avventura” (adventure park) that lead into the forest.
  • Cross over the bridge to the left and then go straight to the right. 30 metres further on, at the fork turn right and proceed straight ahead into the valley alongside the stream, folliwng the indication for "Malga Geisler".
  • At the next fork, keep left and continue following the indication for "Malga Geisler".
  • Once you have reached a transversal trail, take a right, this time following the indication for “Malghe Geisler e Casnago".
  • At the fork, go left and uphill until youn reach Malga Geisler.

On the way back, follow the same route or only the first part of it. Then go right at the first fork and follow the indication for “Zannes”. From Zannes proceed downhill along the main trail that follows the stream until you reach the parking lot near the Waldschenke restaurant (access to the sled track lift). From there, return to the starting point by going straight ahead.

Malga Geisler by e-bike

Book one of the guided tours on e-bike or rent an e-bike at one of the rental points in Val di Funes to reach Malga Geisler in an effortless manner.

INFO: We offer all e-bike enthusiasts a free recharge point and the basic bike repair kit.

Contact to call for e-bike tours:  Markus +39 348 5845047


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